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April 9, 2014: Sunny Times Ahead
Chill out to the sounds of Mo'owai, the island that lizard chick in Zeran's Folly comes from.

March 22, 2014: The Sensual and Thrilling Attack of the Killer Radish
One of the most important things in a platformer is that it's fun to maneuver the characters. Now that Abby's in, it's time to experiment and see what's fun and what isn't. Turns out, some of the ideas I had were stupid. First, the video:

More than any other character, Abby is supposed to be fast and have great momentum. A level like Petal Pass isn't where she can truly shine; a wide-open area seems best.
Good things:
The Coup de Grace attack (air+down) is fun. It's very fast but has a small attack range so it doesn't feel overpowered. I feel that it's fine as-is but it could use a wake trail.
Neutral things:
Abby's spin attack (uncharged up) has more height compared to the other characters and it hits in all directions. It's kind of nice but the knockback is annoying in some cases.
Rising Slash (charged air+up) is okay but it feels kind of slow.
Stupid things:
Making the dash not have an attack component was dumb because her normal attacks aren't fast enough to compensate.
Ideas for Change:
- Change Rising Slash to a near-instant teleport jump that damages enemies during travel. Gotta go fast.
- Make normal attacks increase running speed and change the dash (focus+neutral) to a shuriken/dagger/whatever throw. This way Abby has a way of destroying hidden walls and it makes speeding up faster than waiting on a charge.
- Remove knockback from spin attack and make attack continuous.

March 1, 2014: Why Millie 7 HD Was Scrapped
After the Flash version of Millie Megavolte 7 was completed, I decided to end the series and start a new IP away from Flash. I felt that the web gaming demographic was a mismatched audience for the kind of games I wanted to make. Instead, I opted to go for full-blown AIDS C++ since it's portable and all that stuff. All the indie self-publishing stuff surrounding XBO and PS4 sounded interesting too. Why not my games, right?
Over the next couple of months I came up with Zeran's Folly. It would be a spiritual successor to the Millie series because I thought the gameplay was really getting good. It would also have a bunch of story stuff mixed in because I enjoy that sort of stuff in games. Running around, exploring, talking to mildly-amusing NPCs--it's all good. I for one can stand to have my control taken away once in a while because games don't have to be pure action all the time. Cutscenes and dialogue are not cardinal sins. Put down the Monster and relax, spaz.
Over the past few months I ported the Millie 7 engine from Flash to C++. Since Zeran's Folly would use the same engine, I used Millie 7 assets as placeholders and recreated stages to flesh the engine out. At one point, I thought, if I already have this much done, why not make more and release a new version?
William James postulated that self-esteem is proportional to achievements over expectations. I thought the game was pretty good, so I had some high expectations. Nobody really cared about Millie 7 when I showed it off so there was virtually no success. Needless to say, it didn't feel good.
However, I could understand why there wasn't much interest. To me, I think the heart of it is that the game itself lacks a heart. Without getting too up my own ass, I like to think my stuff has personality and it didn't show well enough in Millie 7. So, I decided to not continue on with Millie 7 and instead work on something where my humor could shine through: Zeran's Folly.
Now, I'm making a game with all the raunchy, stupid, juvenile shit I want and I don't give a fuck if anyone plays it or not. I'm already at zero, so who cares? Chasing and envying success is pointless because I've learned that art isn't about how many losers follow you on Twitter, upvote you on reddit, or write articles about you. It's about creating something meaningful to you and expressing yourself. If other people like it, good for them. I'm fully human and will acknowledge that being validated feels good, but as Aristotle says, pleasure should not be the end, but rather a side-effect of chasing excellence. So don't chase validation. Chase excellence and you will be validated.
So, enjoy Zeran's Folly, nobody.

January 12, 2014: Pugging is Awful



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